It is a German engineering company dedicated to the design and construction of biogas plants. We supply all the components and equipment necessary for its construction and operation. We have been specialized in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the purification and cleaning of biogas for use as fuel in biogas generators or boilers.


In the last 15 years we have developed more than 30 successful projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have representations in several Latin American and Caribbean countries.


We design and supply filters for the reduction of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), siloxanes, and condensates. These are ecologically friendly filters that work without the addition of chemicals.


The filters are manufactured in HDPE or stainless steel, depending on their size, the H2S content and their location in the biogas pipeline. 

We supply the following equipment.

  • H2S removal filters.
  • Reduction of siloxanes.
  • Biogas chillers.
  • Condensate reduction tanks.
  • Tanks with ceramic filter to reduce suspended particles.
  • Foam reduction.



biogas purification - h2s removal

AquaLimpia Engineering e.K.

Niendorfer Str. 53b

29525 Uelzen


Tel.: 0049 - 581 3890550


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